Sunday, October 18, 2009


hi all,
i am back in france since this afternoon, feels good to be home even if i had the best time in brazil.
The contest season is finished for me and i have to wait for the end of the ASP Womens World Tour to finish to know if i qualify. In front of me in the rankings are Coco Ho, Paige Hareb, Rebecca Woods and Jessi Miley Dyer. These 4 surfers have a chance to requalify from the wt, and if one of them does finish in the top ten at the end of the year, i qualify. that doesnt sound very clear but its the best i can do!
in different words, i will be sending good vibes to these four surfers so they make good results!
so right now i am just going to relax until Nov 2nd when i will be flying to California and Hawaii...
speak soon


  1. you totally have the best job in the world! wish i could travel as much as you :)
    I have some photos of you i took at the roxy jam in july check them out on my blog! Take care and keep rippin!!
    Shosh :)

  2. congrats miss ! je te souhaite une belle année à venir sur les plus belles vagues...