Sunday, November 29, 2009

gidget pro sunset is over...

congratulations to carissa moore  and to steph gilmore for getting her third world title!
i surfed the trials yesterday with carissa, malia manuel and leila hurst...
unfortunately i came short for making it to the main event.. and today i stayed on the beach while the girls were surfing epic sunset beach!
the good news is after this event i am officially qualified for 2010 asp womens world tour.
Watching the girls surf today i know that i have a lot of work ahead if i want to make results next year!
anyway i am having a great time here in hawaii...


  1. Félicitations pour cette qualification dorénavant officielle !
    ton blog est super intéressant pour un fan de surf comme moi, tu devrais l'inscrire ici c'est une sorte de catalogue permanent des différentes mises à jours des Blogs de Surf !
    je m'y suis inscrit pour promouvoir mes albums, mais j'y traîne aussi souvent pour y flairer l'air du temps-surf...
    pas la peine de te souhaiter d'enjoyer Hawaii je pense !

  2. Salut LA

    enfin officiel, super félicitations à toi.



  3. Congrats for your qualification for next year tour. Its true that you have a lot work ahead, but dont fortget that, you are on the same road as everyone else now, if you go step by step, and learning from your past experiences, you will end up with results. Remember that you have the potential. You only need to get it out. By the way what is your quiver for hawaii..?

    regards from the volcano,


  4. thanks angel!
    my boards here are: a 7'2 arakawa and a 6'9 almerrick round-pin tail for sunset
    a 6'2 and a 6'5 on other spots when the waves are solid (al merrick)
    a 5'11 - 18 - 2,1/8 when the waves average or small. (al merrick)
    take care