Friday, May 14, 2010

Family time on the goldie

this is a little video my brother Nathan made... showing a little bit of the time we spent on the gold coast in february.... enjoy

musique: bonobo, "time is your enemy"


  1. thanks Nathan, Estability Position Systems whith great muzik!! YEAHH!!

  2. Leeann,

    I just saw very nice family moments, I also saw very good surfing from you. Please tell me something, what were you thinking of when you were surfing?, if by any chance you were in a heat, for sure you were doing good surfing

    Try to get on that state of mind as many times as you can.

    Tom is also still surfing very good. Do you have an idea in what was Tom thinking while surfing, ask also Nat and Pat.

    I also enjoy the music.

    Regards from the volcano,


  3. Nathan fracasse sur les videos!!!
    la famille en forme!

  4. I love your power snap. It looks so good every time.