Monday, May 31, 2010

knee injury=no peru...

just thought i would keep you guys updated... a little more than a week ago i hurt my knee while surfing, and after talking with physios and doctors i know my meniscus is a little bit broken... so i won't need an operation but no surf for a while, and i am sure that i won't be able to compete in peru...  i was excited for that one, i heard the waves are sick and i've never been to this country..
so i am going to rest and get ready and pumped for next one, probably th US open in huntington beach, in august....

bonjour a tous
c'est confirmé, je n'irai pas au perou pour le prochain WCT à cause d'une blessure au genou (menisque), mon état s'ameliore mais la compete est dans une semaine et je ne surfe toujours pas donc je vais louper celle-là, bien me reposer, m'entraîner et surement participer à l'US open en californie en aout prochain... j'enverrai d'autres nouvelles bientot!


  1. hope your knee get heal. Keep forehead.

  2. Repose toi bien et reviens en pleine forme.

  3. I feel your pain, I've been out of the water for over a month. Stay strong!

  4. thanks all for the comments! don't worry, i am well and it feels good to rest, even though i can't wait to get back in the water... but i will be stoked to surf and compete again!
    merci beaucoup pour les comments...

  5. Je te souhaite une bonne guérison, courage. Frédéric.