Saturday, June 19, 2010

last winter clip

winter sweet winter from leeann curren on Vimeo.


  1. Nice surfing leeann, also with the longer board you were using.

    How is your knee?

    dont speed up the process, you will recover but it takes some time. Its very mental all that you are going through. Practice mental surfing. Control your mind.

    Surfers have the ability to recover faster and better from the injuries than most people.

    I imagine biarritz in winter should be frozen

    You will recover soon.

    regards from the volcano,


  2. thanks angel for all your comments!
    my knee is better thanks, i am starting to surf more and more and i should be almost 100% soon.
    it is true that an injury gives you time to work on so many things that you don't do when you are surfing.Like you said, mental...
    Hope you are well, have a good day,