Thursday, September 16, 2010

News about life, surfing, my knee, etc

Hi all
So... I have quite a lot of news.
I've been at home for a while, just getting some fun free surfing and being with my family. The bad news is that my knee still isn't feeling very well, and it's been 4 month that I've had that now so I went to do a new IRM to check if everything is alright.
I had a little piece of my meniscus that broke since last time, and after seeing a specialist a learnt that I would need to get an arthroscopy to take it out.... So my plan is to get the operation asap, that is tomorrow, so I can maybe be ready for Portugal, if not for Puerto Rico and Hawaii, and it wont bother me for the end of the year... Ahhh I recommend anyone not to get injured because when you do it's a pain in the ass! But once again I am lucky it is not too bad and after I will be surfing good again. I heard it is a really small operation and you get back pretty quik...
So I'll post back after the operation tomorrow! speak soon

Bonjour tout le monde
Une petite traduction... J'ai pas mal de nouvelles, ça fait une semaine et demi que je suis en France, et comme mon genou me gene toujours un peu j'ai vu les médecins, refait un IRM, et on a vu qu'un bout de mon menisque s'est déchiré. J'ai vu un chirurgien spécialiste du genou qui m'a dit qu'il faudrait que je le fasse enlever tôt ou tard. Donc je préfère faire ça tout de suite parce que ça m'empêche de surfer à mon meilleur niveau, enchainer avec beaucoup de rééducation et de renforcement, essayer d'être de retour le plus vite possible. Apparement ce n'est qu'une petite opération et le temps de recuperation est relativement court. J'espère être prête pour le portugal mais rien n'est certain. En tout cas je devrais être tranquile toute la fin de l'année, donc surement pour Porto Rico et Hawaii. Voila, je vous tiendrai au courant demain après l'opération!



  1. Bon rétablissement Lee Ann!
    En espèrant que tu puisse retourner à l'eau le + vite possible.
    Bon courage ;)

  2. Patience my friend, these days you will have to work your patience side, and belive me, its a virtue. Dont force anything, and visualice yourself freesurfing and ripping.

    After all you are very lucky,

    to have the best job in the world

    and to live in the beautiful town of Biarritz.

    You are surrounded by good things and your family, and that will help your recovery.

    By the way, I had nice waves at L´ocean last week.

    Regards from the volcano,


  3. thanks angel for the comment...
    yes i know i really have some room to improve on my patience!
    your comment made me smile, it is true that i am very lucky so i'll just enjoy everything knowing that i'll be surfing soon.
    hope you are well,