Friday, October 22, 2010


Hi all,
haven't wriiten for a while. I got to PR last sunday and we've had really fun waves on the first days. My brother and Dad and a friend are traveling with me and a photographer and we are doing a video-photo shoot before the contest starts on october 31st.
So I am going to have a lot of fun stuff to put on this blog real soon.
Puerto Rico is a really nice place especially where we are on the west side. Been pretty much surfing all day and I am sunburnt like i havent been for a long time. feels good.
will post more stuff soon!


  1. Puerto Rico, nice beaches, very nice people, cool surfing.

    Is one of those places were hot locals wont hesitate to say.- Mi casa es tu casa... -

    Dont miss Wildo, and in Rincon, Marias

    Listen to a local group called Calle 13

    And of course surf until you cant move your neck.

    Regards from the volcano,


  2. Surfed with you at Jobo's and a dream come true session with your dad down from the point. Man he still rips hard, and you throw it up on the lip like a true Curren! God bless and it was a pleasure meeting your family. Rip that contest up Lee Ann!! Chris Rudd, Florida.