Wednesday, December 8, 2010

end of the season

Here comes the end of the season again,
after a week off, Sunset finished in 3 ft waves at the point. Waves were pretty fun but I had a hard time finding them and unfortunately I lost in the quarters. I was feeling really good when the waves were big there and loved my 6'10 gun but you can't always get what you want!
So this year is over and I finished in 12th place, 2 spots away from requalification... It's not over yet because I am asking for the wildcard, even though it's going to be hard to get it because Jessi Miley Dyer got a pretty bad injury this year too and so did Amee Donohoe...
Anyway if I had to get back on the wqs I think next year can only be better for me in contests,
This year was an interesting one with highs and lows, my first year on tour, the biggest injury of my career in May, I also directed a movie with my boyfriend which was an amazing experience, then I had a really fun time at the end in Portugal, Puerto and Hawaii.
I've made a few changes in my life and I think next year will be a good one...
I also signed with Rockstar Energy Drink which is great news, I am really stoked to be in the team and I like the vibe of this brand. I should do some cool stuff with them too next year.
So for now I am in Brazil and planning to enjoy my time off season, should be cool,
Thanks to everyone who's been supporting me for my first WT year, and for everyone who's been leaving comments here I know I am pretty bad at answering but it's always a pleasure to read them!
Will post cool photos of Brazil soon!

another flight another trip, destination Brazil

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