Sunday, March 20, 2011

newcastle-end and road to byron

Hey I lost in the 3rd round of the comp in Newcastle, I had a very close heat, we couldnt hear the scores and I got good waves but unfortunately not enough to make it. I got like the wave of my life and got a 5 but thats ok i guess next one will be better.
So Kassia sent me an email the day after I lost asking me if I wanted to drive to Byron Bay with her and her friend Kyle Lightner, and i was happy to move on to the next episode of my australian trip.
They were supposed to sleep in my hotel room but I fell asleep and didnt have any service on my phone so they had to sleep in the car outside of the hotel. that was kinda funny.
We did the 6 hour drive and now were pretty settled in a big house in Byron just waiting to score good waves. Dane Peterson is here too so were going to shoot some photos hopefully I get good stuff.
Will be posting more soon!

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