Saturday, April 30, 2011

flat day, lil jam

Today there was no waves so I played a little bit of guitar and found a little jam I used to play with Steph Gilmore, and then me and my friend Christina made some words to it and I changed a couple of things, its a work in progress and I havent been singing for ages so my voice kinda sucks but it's cool to do diferent things sometimes. Check it out and don't hesitate to tell me if its horrible I will stop singing haha!



  1. i just ran into your blog and its awesome. im so happy you surf, i want to learn about surfing since my boy is an avid surfer and what better way to see and learn about it that through your blog :)

    ps: dont stop singing

  2. Thanks Im happy you liked it! Your blog is pretty cool too! Good luck with learning how to surf hope you'll have fun with it! see you

  3. Hey Lee Ann nice song crispy tone. But one thing that would make the song allot cooler is if you put some reverb or delay on your guitar i think that will flow allot better with your voice to bring up the atmosphere of it. Otherwise it was good.

    Iam going to Hossegor this sunday i have my hopes up for a good swell.



  4. ok thanks for the advice, i'll try that,
    hope you get fun waves in hossegor! tomorrow should be good over there...

  5. i just came across your blog via CHRISTINA CARADONA and i love it, such a great blog, full on jealous of your life right now!!!!!! haha

  6. thanks james! yes it is a good life! haha

  7. Superbe chanson !!!! Tu es une surperbe surfeuse et musicienne !!
    J'adore ton blog !