Monday, August 29, 2011

Sri Lanka

I arrived a few days ago in Arugam Bay to prepare for the Sri Lankan Airlines pro. Im staying at a really cool place on the beach, 100 meters away there is a good righthand point. I really like that wave even though it's been kinda crowded with hungry competitors and other surfers
Yesterday me, Nicola Atherton and Helene went to another spot called Peanut Farm, with our new friend Amilia, a local guy. We jumped in a Took Took (not sure thats how you write it ), got there and surfed fun rights by ourselves. Then we met a guy who apparently knows Mantras to make elephants run away. They were probably bullshitting us though.
This is probably one of the most different places from home I've ever been to, and it's cool to discover that culture even though sometimes you have to adapt! Like it's kinda weird for people to see girls in bikinis at the beach so yesterday someone kind of attacked Alana. But she's all good.. Anyway.
The comp is starting tomorrow, not sure if we will surf first because there is a longboard contest too.
the website is:
Wish me luck!

ps: i'll post photos as soon as the internet gets a little better here.. slow connection!


  1. You were born with luck...!

    regards from the volcano,


  2. Hey Lee Ann! You gave an awesome performance for your heats! I'm Nilma from Sri Lanka and I'll see you on Friday! Sorry to hear about Alana's episode, I was so upset I told the organisers. Since Arugam Bay is near the predominantely Muslim village of Pottuvil, there are still some narrow-minded people! Anyway do have a great time and be careful! :)

  3. Thanks ! Yes I had a really good time here and I really liked the waves... Now I am back in Colombo to visit a little bit!
    Yes Alana's episodes was kinda weird but things like that can happen everywhere... But most people I met were really nice.
    Have fun in A-Bay there should be some more good surfing to see !
    See you

  4. looks like a great place to visit. I hope we can make this trip one day and learn more about this country. very beautiful the photos. hoping you get back home safe and comfortable. ah! I loved the blond surf ... hahaha so funny ...
    T. A. BCP!