Sunday, September 18, 2011


Well, that was the last WQS of the year for me. As Im not going to qualify I don't see the point in going to the Azores anymore.
My heat was another frustrating one, got from 2nd to 3rd at the end, needed a 3,31pt, managed to get a little wave, did something pretty lame on it. Judges hesitated, gave me a 3.27. pretty sure I didn't deserve the score though.
Losing is always the same you feel like dying for a few minutes and then you realize life goes on. Im happy this year is over contest-wise, so i can start fresh next year. And until then surf good waves and do a few things I really want to do.
America is calling me, I will go there for the winter, maybe record a few songs with my friends Christina and Philip, surf Rincon, go to hawaii.
All that should be really fun and I can't wait to start. But now Im going home to get everything sorted before I leave, and enjoy the best season for surfing in France.
Ahhh stoked this shitty contest season is over! I can only go better from here…

at least i got to go camping


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're great and I envy you for getting to do what you love everyday and see the world at the same time. Enjoy your time off and keep being an inspiration!!

  2. thanks! yes im sorry i really hate losing but dont worry im better now! surfing fun waves in france these last couple of days..
    see you

  3. Salut LeeAnn, profite bien d'être chez toi et ne pense plus à la compétition, c'est pas le plus important! je pars bientôt surfer au Maroc, trop hâte d'y être. En tout cas, c'est toujours chouette de te suivre. Plein de bonnes choses, sois forte!!

  4. salut elisabeth,
    merci beaucoup pour ton message!
    Bon voyage au maroc, j ne sais pas si tu y es deja allee mais il y a des supers vagues...
    A bientot,

  5. Just sitting in a big fucking deal

  6. Over the times, we learn that the defeats are more a God´s blessing than the victories.

    All the good !

    (From Brasil)