Thursday, February 9, 2012

time to go


It's been one month that I'm here already, and I've had more good waves than in the whole year, and also a lot of fun with my family. It's pretty rare to get me and all my brothers at the same place, and this time only Paul the youngest one was missing but it was cool to hang out and surf all day. My cousins Justin and Jeremy were here as well.
I was with my friend Kassia the other day and she made that video it's a tribute to Maya Deren with Brian Mcbride's music. I thought it was really beautiful so i just posted it.
Sad to leave Cali but I will be back soon hopefully and Australia should be really fun.
I will post the 2nd California video real soon.


  1. hi,
    great video lee-ann!
    i'm 20 and i want to learn how to surf. can you give me some advices? do you think i'm too old to start?
    have fun travelling around the world.
    see you

  2. Hi
    Oh cool, no you are not too old to start at all ! just i guess the best is to start with someone who knows how to surf or in a surfschool, they will make sure you go to the right place and in the right conditions! good luck with everything. :)