Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My little cali trip

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Just got back from California, I was there for 12 days and it was too short, everyday was great and didn't get bored for 1 second.
I got there on August second and got to watch a few heats of the US Open of surfing in Huntington Beach, and also a show of TV On The Radio which is one of my favorite bands.
There was also a launching party for a new "all women" surf mag, "Salted" and surprise.. I was on the cover! So we celebrated pretty well, and then I went up north to Santa Barbara to visit my brother Nathan.

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 I love the California from Ventura to San Francisco, it's all grey blue and yellow, there is that crazy atmosphere and a lot less people than in SoCal. For some reason I tend to have a problem with crowds... My brother Nathan lives in SB now and pretty much rules the world, he's got a job, a house and a little puppy called Heidi that is super cute and attracts a lot of girls haha. Needless to say he's enjoying life in Cali. We did a little trip up north to Jalama Beach, the waves were really fun and we spent a long day at the beach. I already miss it and want to go back! 

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