Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

This is our Iceland movie, we almost brought a filmer with us on that trip but that didn't happen and we just thought we'd try to make a movie on our own, all taking turns filming and I did this little 10 minute edit. Check it out!


  1. Best life is usually, a compound of good moments with some friends in different places.

    Enjoy life girls!!

    regards from the volcano,

  2. love the video. wish i could go to iceland once!

  3. Salut Lee-Ann,

    Je ne sais pas si tu te rapelles de moi, j'avais posté un commentaire il y a quelques temps déjà pour te remercier de m'avoir donné envie de faire du surf ! En tout cas, je persévère dans les eaux froides de la Bretagne mais la, tu m'as battu dans les eaux islandaises ;)

  4. Awesome video, I really liked it.