Thursday, January 7, 2010

news from france

I am now in France for a while, it is freezing cold but I got some fun waves today.
It is nice to go surf and see some white mountains in the background!
Well that is maybe the only nice thing about surfing freezing water (except maybe the hot chocolate after... that's pretty sweet). The rest is more like extreme suffering doing the first duck-dives and struggling to put your two feet on the board with heavy botties.
Anyway ut's all good and I am happy and training for next year. It is really exciting and I am enjoying some time home to prepare...
I'll be posting back soon,
happy new year to all!


  1. No pain no gain.

    I wish you a very enjoyable year in new territory.

    regards from the volcano,


  2. what is better than France ?
    We are great fans but we never had the pleasure to be in the water with you. May be one day. congratulations for the qualification !!!!
    My girlfriend is waiting for a baby, and we do not know if it is a girl or a boy. My wish is to have a surfing baby girl to follow your way. We might give her your surname, it sounds sweet. Hope you have a great mind profile ! lololol
    good luck for australioa. We will be in front of our screen supporting you. We hope our baby will give kicks in the belly each time you will surfing great ! Lots of success for this new year 2010. Do your best !

  3. hi everyone
    thanks so much for the support! I love all that good vibe..
    wish you all the best with your baby!
    Angel your comment was so true, no pain no gain...
    i surfed today and it was snowing ans windy, but a couple of fun waves..
    enjoy the sun on the volcano! (if there is sun)
    all the best

  4. T'as bien fracassé le spot Lee ann l'autrejour a la grande! Merde pour le tour et envoie des gros carve !!! Boulon.

  5. Salut Lee-Ann !
    J'ai posté un article sur toi et ton baby-sitter ;-) sur mon blog :
    Bon courage pour le World Tour !
    Guillaume (le surfeur casqué de la Grande Plage...)

  6. salut guillaume
    j ai vu l article c'est sympa! merci
    bon surf en espérant que les vagues arrivent! bises