Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trip to Titan

Hi all,
just got back from a trip to North Brasil, Fortaleza.
The place we surfed most of the time is called Titanzinho, a small favela where my boyfriend Andre grew up.
I got really touched by the people over there, very warm and welcoming and in the same time some things really shoked me like the poverty of the place, drugs, and the way the kids are left alone in the street all day.
Amongst them I made a lot of friends, a lot of little brothers and sisters who rip and are just so fun to hang out with. We are going to try to make a movie and provide them food, surfboards, etc.
I will write more about it when it's a little more official.
Anyway here are some photos of the trip.
and the link to the teaser of the movie:


  1. Bravo pour avoir intégré le World Tour et bonne chance mais surtout bravo pour ce projet qui j'espère se concrétisera.

  2. joli projet.
    le teaser est "teasing".

  3. It´s amazing to see different cultures, and societies, how they live, how they strugle to survive, their fears, and their drives to keep on going with their lives, and also what makes them happy.
    I belive that what Andre and you Lee Ann are trying to do its very important for these people. You guys probably wont solve their problems, but for sure will bring some happiness to their lives, perhaps for a little moment.

    regards from the volcano,


  4. Sympa de voir que tu sais user de ton talent pour les autres. Et bien sympa aussi de pouvoir faire des sessions avec des personnes qui savent si bien glisser.


  5. Very nice Lee Ann. Titanzinho has been a strong foundation for Northeast Brazilian surfers since the 90's, when the likes of Fábio Silva, and Tita Tavares showed the pure essence of surfing. Actually, Ceará is an example of how the surfing industry can be developed in emerging markets. You got local brands that are strong (i.e. Pena) and believe in great surfing talent that is present in the region. They do not aim for that stereotype of surfer, and invest in what is right there in front of everyone. André Silva, Pablo Paulino, and many others are such a good example, but I feel that there could be many more stories of success from Titanzinho, not only surfing stories, but all kinds of stories. Great idea on the documentary! Go for it and let it roll!