Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Arrival on the gold coast of Australia..

Hey just got here on the goldie, after 3 long days of travel. My flight was delayed in Paris so I missed pretty much all my  connections. Anyway after all these adventures I got safe to the country where absolutely everybody rips in the water. The waves are still small but we should get surf tomorrow.  I am very excited to be here, first contest of the year and hopefully I can surf pumping snapper in a heat!
I will post cool stuff soon


  1. Bon surf,
    & ramène nous un peu de soleil par la pensée ;-) Il fait toujours si froid en france......

  2. all the best to you LeeAnn in the Upcoming Quiksilver event and the womens world tour , i bet your parents Tom & Marie are so proud of you, i remember all the good times i had working at Channel Islands during the 1980s during Toms championships he always had the best boards because i remember Al shaping lots of them sometimes 5 or 6 in one day , ALL THE BEST LeeAnn.