Saturday, March 6, 2010

End of the roxy pro- congratulations steph gilmore!

This is the ned of the first contest of the year...
I finished my run in the round3 against Sylvana Lima, I made a few mistakes in that heat, leaving the good waves for her and of course she ripped them..
Anyway, it was a good start for me because I made a good first heat and got a feel of what it takes to make good results in WT events. I have still 9 WT to come and 6 WQS so hopefully I'll learn from my mistakes and get a good result.
Steph had a strong start to the year again, she was ripping and definitely inspiring in that contest. She's going to be hard to beat but all the girls are surfing good so this year should be interesting...
I am off to Byron Bay tomorrow, with the roxy team, it should be fun to go surf different palces with Sally, Johanne Defay, Laura Enever etc...
Thats it for today, I am going to try to post more news and photos in the next few days.....
Speak soon


  1. Hey Lee Ann, my name is Thiago and i'm from the same town in Brazil as your boyfriend Andre (Fortaleza). I was having a look at your blog and saw the movie project both of you have on the Titanzinho favela. I've actually written a post about it in my own blog ( where some people volunteered to help that action. We're very thankfull for your help and really hope it comes out! I work in a newspaper down here also, so i was wondering if we could talk about it, perhaps via e-mail. Send me one if you're interested:

  2. J'ai regardé la série (enfin, ils ont mis une masse de pub et d'intw, ...) et franchement, c'est dommage. Tu as bien surfé dans l'ensemble, l'option d'attendre la bombe ça passe ou ça casse, je pense que ça va le faire pour la suite !! je te souhaite de bien belles sessions et bonne chance pour la suite. We stay tuned