Friday, March 19, 2010

news from margaret river

We're here again at Margaret for the first big WQS of the season. When I arrived here after the goldie I felt kind of lost in the ocean while I was surfing, the waves are so different here and I've surfed 3 foot rights for a month so it was pretty hard to adapt to the powerfull waves of Main Break. I couldn't find a good board as I had to choose between a 5'11 and a 6'6...
Fortunately for me Maxime Huscenot was here with a 6'1 back up board that looked magic.
After I asked him about the board and he said it was made for Kelly,  and Belly (quiksilver team manager) gave it to him when he got his Junior World Title in January.
He said I could ride it for the contest but I could see the fear in his eyes knowing that you easily break a board at Margaret River. I surfed it in my first heat and it went really good, so thanks Maxime and dont worry I'll be carefull with it!
Anyway, the waves are good now so I am probably going to go for a surf and then watch a couple of the guys heats....
speaks soon


  1. Margo is nice, so laid back. Just magic between the two capes.

  2. Aurélien MeynieuxMarch 30, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    ton blog est super !
    continue comme ça !
    bon surf