Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Round 1 and 2 done.... and i am still alive
that wasnt easy though. in my first heat today the waves were pretty inconsistent and the two other girls Melanie and Paige were hasseling pretty hard, and they got the most of it. it was probably a good idea cause they made it and i didnt!
my second heat with Amee and Nikita was really tight, the wind was blowing so strong side shore and it was really hard to surf. We couldn't hear the scores either. Once the heat was finished, while everybody was trying to escape a rain storm i learned i got through so it really made my day! thats it for today, maybe another heat tomorrow, i am with sofia in the next one, wish me luck!



  1. Allez LA, (comme Le B.O. face aux Ospreys). Tu vas y arriver ! ( J'aurais peut_être pas du faire la macarena moi).

  2. You can take her.

  3. ALC!!!
    Espero que voce encontre boas ondas amanha.
    voce sabe que ta surfando muito bem, entao so se concentra bem no que voce vai fazer na bateria, que vai terminar tudo bem!
    big sit! te amo.

  4. GO GO GO, ca va le faire!!
    Bonne chance :)

  5. Leeann,
    all what you need for this heat, you know it from your past experiences. Dont pressure yourself.Its easy to say it but not to do it. Try to freesurf, you are just gaining experience, you will be amaized.

    regards from the volcano,