Friday, April 9, 2010

Just got back from the Maori welcome ceremony, that was really cool. At first we had to wait in group while a lady was singing, and then advance to their house women in the middle and men around (so they could protect us!), then the local men did the haka. we took off our shoes and went inside the house that was more like a sanctuary, there were some speeches and then we had to sing a song in maori, i dont really know how it sounded cos i was more concentrating on not ruining it!
after that we had the traditional meal cooked with under the ground all day. really yummy
her is a photo of the haka with the shades of the girls watching and a photo of the line up this morning...


  1. The way to cook under the ground is traditional of the Maori culture and called a Hangi. You girls got the real deal!!! Hope the locals to act the way they do at the moment... :(


  2. Que les dieux soient avec toi !!!

  3. YO!
    bon jiv repondre a ton mail mnt. parce que je suis un mauvais amie aha
    coolioo photosss

  4. Hi Tama de Tahiti. Bon courage sur le tour. On se verra à l'eau un jour.

  5. Kia ora. Une question: eske le WCT féminin comporte une étape à Tahiti ? Let me know merci tama

  6. passé de la France à la Naki avec mon papa et maman et nous n'avons jamais quitté. meilleurs voeux pour la tournée. Kia Ora