Wednesday, February 23, 2011

That wasn't part of the plan...

I am at the airport in Rio, just made it to Brasil after a horrible trip.
2 days ago I went to LAX to check in for my flight 3 hours early, I asked a lady if I was standing in the right line and she said yes.
Then it felt like the waiting was extremely long for a check in, so after 2 hours I went to ask that same lady if I should go somewhere else, and she said to me with a smile: "Oh you just missed it".
Ok i admit I cried. Only a little. Only after I yelled all my anger at that total bitch.
And then I waited one more hour and a half so they could put me on next days flight.
Sometimes thats the way it goes when you travel! Anyway now Im safe in Brasil going to stay in Titanzinho for 2 weeks and get ready for my first comp in Australia in March.
My little bro Patrick gave me three boards to give to the kids over there they are going to be frothing. Should be fun to see them surf some miniature Al Merricks!
Thats it for now, here are two photos of whats waiting for me in three hours...



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  1. this last photo is rad. windpower as a backdrop to waves- so delish.