Monday, March 28, 2011

Byron Bay cruising

Hey all
I am still in Byron Bay we rented a big house with all the crazy longboarders and artists Kassia Meador, Jarred Mel, Pandora Decoster, Dane Peterson, Alex Knost and Alex Kopps, Kyle Lightner, Leah Dawson, Ryan Heywood etc etc...
It's been an inspiration to hang out with them because they have a really different vision of surfing, I tried longboarding and really sucked at it but after when I got back on my shortboard I had the feeling I was flying...
We got super fun waves but one day it was rainy and bad so we edited a funny video with Kassia, you have to check it out!
It's called the Surf Badger.... Enjoy!


  1. C'est génial! Je dois être la plus grande fan belge d'Alex Knost et Kassia Meador :) belle journée!

  2. Great...
    It made me smile in my first monday morning working hours.

    Leeann, keep enjoying life no matter what...

    Regards from the volcano,