Tuesday, April 5, 2011

aahh contests

Well, today is not the best day at the office for me, I just lost 2nd round at Margaret.
It sucks because every single wave I took was a close out. hard times!
Contests are kind of making me depressed this year, sometimes I just want to follow the swells and surf crazy waves all year, I don't get any satisfaction competing but maybe its because I lose too much!
Anyway apart from that I'm having a lot of fun traveling and I am really finding my rhythm doing it, not feeling home sick or anything, so I guess thats cool.
Maybe I'll get more luck and confidence at some point this year, but for now I'm going to look for good spots to freesurf here in WA maybe try to make some photos….


  1. Yes,looking forward to seeing some beautiful pics and videos :) !!

  2. leeann,

    tonight before going to sleep....

    listen to pink floyd, confortably numb

    you´ll wake up much better next morning.

    regards from the volcano,


  3. haha
    ok i'll try that for sure!
    thanks for the advice!

  4. hey, i hope you got good waves!i just sent my registration for the quiksilver boardweek in june...it is the only thing motivating me to write my uni thesis!
    hope to meet you there!

  5. hi ellie
    it is really cool that you are doing the boardweek! I'll be there I think in july from 13 to 21 the whole week but I might go in June too. Hope you have a great time there! good luck with Uni!