Monday, April 4, 2011

Gas Bay action

Today the trials started here so we thought about waking up early to surf before the comp, but then we decided it would be way more fun to just wake up late, chill a little bit and then go to Gas Bay to see what the swell had to offer.
When we got there I saw my Dad in his car in the parking lot. Yes I see my dad in really random places sometimes especially if you know I haven't seen him since february and my phone was off. So it was a good surprise, I surfed the right with my bros Frank and Pat for a while, then we came in and they went to surf a little left breaking right on the rock. I just sat and cleaned my board while I was watching the show: them trying to avoid the huge rock in the middle of the wave. Frank got from far the best wipe out I wish I'd filmed that.
That's it, just some random facts from this trip.
Thats an ozzy accent translation right here,

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