Sunday, May 22, 2011

Roland Garros...

So I haven't given real news for a while, but all is good here in France we had non stop swells and nice weather, it's pretty much the perfect time to be in Biarritz right now!
Last week I taught a tennis player Bethanie Mattek-Sands how to surf, which was really fun she was able to get a couple of good waves, but now she needs to teach me how to play tennis in Roland Garros (the french open) which is probably going to be really funny... Because I suck at tennis!
I'm going there with Sally Fitzgibbons so it should be a fun little trip in the city.
I think theres going to be a video of it and will post it as soon as I get it...
Juste quelques news en francais, la semaine derniere j'ai eu la chance d'apprendre a surfer a une des meilleures "tennis woman" du monde Bethanie Mattek, c'etait cool elle a eu quelques bonnes vagues a la cote des basques, et demain je pars a Roland Garros ou elle va m'apprendre a jouer au tennis avec Sally.. Ca risque d'etre assez drole vu mon niveau en tennis!
Normalement il y aura une video que je posterai bientot..... tchus


  1. Yo Lee ann just got back from a magic Hossegor
    anyway i saw that you had a Channel islands pad on your surfboard here on your blog. Since i live in Sweden theres not allot of surfshops and the one that exist doesnt have any Channel island stuff
    anyway i only surf Channel island boards i got one Red beauty and i just got the new motorboat modell. Cant you as a CI teamrider be so kind to fellow surfer up here in the cold north and send me a CI pad =)


  2. Yess cool that you liked hossegor! its really fun right now in france just swell after swell and warm weather... Im going to see what i can do for the pads.. im going there maybe in a week or so so i'll see with them, just give me an adress and i'll try my best!
    ok hopefully you get fun surf up north! see you

  3. aaallllllleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz lee ann
    on veut du tennis

  4. Hey Lee ann email me at if you could hook me a with a ci pad

    you are to kind=)


  5. Super le nouveau look de ton blog !! :)