Monday, April 23, 2012

The Currens in Santa Barbara pt.2

Its been stormy everyday so I'm taking advantage of that to nerd around a little bit.
Indo was amazing and I have a good video ready, but first I wanted to put this one online, as it was made before.
I had a blast in Cali at the start of the year especially because I got to hang out with my family, some of my cousins from France were here at the time, and also most of my brothers (only one was missing!), so we had a really good time hanging out and surfing rincon all day. We took turns filming and I made this little video.
I feel so lucky to have a big surfing family and I wish I could see my brothers and cousins more, but at least when we get together we always make the most of it.
Also at the beginning you can see Kassia Meador's band UFO2012 in their very first practice session.


  1. Nice video Lee-Ann! U've nice family. :) Does ur brothers live in US? :)
    I hope that the weather in Biarritz is getting better that u can surf soon. :)

  2. thanks! now 3 of my brothers live in the us and 1 lives in france. The weather is not getting any better here! trying to be patient...

  3. Yesss Metric passe tellement bien là-dessus j'adore! d'ailleurs je sais pas si tu as fait le montage toi-même mais c'est vraiment bien réussi. bonne continuation à toi et ta famille vous avez l'air de bien profiter quand vous êtes tous ensemble, et j'attends toujours que Titan Kids soit disponible sur Itunes ou peut être que jpeux le voir ailleurs?

  4. salut! merci beaucoup oui c'est moi qui ai fait le montage. Metric passe vraiment bien sur les videos de surf en general! ecoute si tu veux passe moi une adresse mail et je vais voir ce que je peux faire pour que tu voies le film. merci a bientot :)

  5. salut, oui voilà un mail "", merci d'avance si tu peux faire quelque chose, mais sinon no problems j'attendrai sagement qu'il sorte sur Itunes ;) tchau!

  6. Hi Lee Ann, I love the video, nice editing. Gotta looked pretty crowded on some of the waves, how does someone not get run-over?!?

    Rob Mitchell

    1. Hey Rob
      Thanks! yes california gets pretty crowded and theres a couple of close calls sometimes! i guess you have to go for it and be careful not to run over anyone at the same time!

  7. All of your family rips.

    regards from the volcano,

  8. Sympa la vidéo, j'aime beaucoup. ça me manque la mer et les vagues, surtout que là où je suis il fait presque 30 degrés, alors ça devient très vite frustrant de ne pas pouvoir aller surfer.