Monday, April 16, 2012

Australia video

This is a video from my trip in Australia. All the Margaret River area was burnt and the surroundings looked really different, kind of a weird atmosphere. It is such a beautiful country where you can surf with dolphins pretty much everyday, with sharks as well but this is not something you like to think about!
I really like the song, "Crop Cops" from my friend Charphil (he plays with me in Betty The Shark), if you like it to you can get his music on Itunes here.

Voici une video de mon séjour en Australie.
C'etait impressionant de voir margaret river apres les incendies, tous les arbres ont brule dans cette zone et cela donnait une ambiance bizarre, presque fantomatique.
La musique est de Charphil, cliquez ici pour telecharger son album sur itunes.


  1. Lee-Ann, you are so so soo good surfer!! And the dolphins are soo cute! Have you ever seen sharks while surfing? And if you have what did you think then? I prefer dolphins and would be so awesome to swim with them. :) I saw the Soul Surfer -movie few months ago, and Bethany Hamilton is amazing girl!! So brave girl! :)

  2. HEy
    thanks! yes I have seen a shark, but in Tahiti and it is not really a place where there are any shark attacks. But still pretty scary! And yes Bethany is amazing and its crazy how good she surfs and charges. An inspiration for sure.

  3. Added on my blog:

    Beautiful surfing, beautiful music.